Adolf Hitler – The untold TRUE story

This is a pretty decent video with some powerful facts about Hitler and the World War 2 era. Yes, there are some spelling and grammar errors, but don’t let that distract you from the important information. Zionist shills like Alex Jones will pretend that Hitler was in bed with the big bankers, but actually that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Zionist Control of U.S. Media

The main thing to take away from this video is the understanding that the media presents a carefully planned message rather than reporting news. “Objective news reporting” is a myth; it does not exist. National-Socialism encourages YOU to question and examine everything you hear and EDUCATE yourself.

Common Core Insanity

Parents: Do you know what “Common Core” is? If not, you should look into the garbage that your schools are indoctrinating your children with. Funded by Bill Gates, this program seeks to dumb down American students to abysmal levels. Do the research and get involved.

Are Your Taxes Paying For CEO Bonuses?

Corporate greed and corruption would not be tolerated in a National-Socialist State. From the video description: Walmart already costs American taxpayers millions of dollars each year thanks to its extremely low wages and lack of healthcare benefits for its employees. So why are WalMart executives being allowed to take even more money out of the pockets of the American taxpayers?

Ancient Egyptians Were Aryan

Some people still deny the reality that the ancient civilization of Egypt was built by White people. Anti-white revisionist historians claim that ancient Egypt was all black but this is simply incorrect; even a brief look at facial features from the Egyptian masks, drawings, and sculptures will reveal the obvious truth of Aryan origin.

Israeli Manipulation of US Media


Even a glancing look at US major media ownership will quickly reveal the obvious jewish control. This video shows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jewish/Israeli control of American media. As former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, “We the Jews control America, and the American’s know it.”

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory?

This short is an entertaining and humorous video about all the B.S. we were told regarding the infamous attacks of 9/11. I post this video to only emphasize the clear truth: This evil judeo-capitalist regime lies excessively and constantly. It is not enough to just know about the government’s lies though; it is necessary to GET INVOLVED and JOIN the Struggle (! There are lots of “conspiracy” videos about these attacks but if you have the time to sit down and consider it, then I suggest this one: