Could America really be headed for civil war?

Journalist and author Stephen Marche controversially argues another U.S. civil war is on the horizon. He says Canadians need to be getting ready for it now.

This is of course thepoint of view of a Canadian liberal, but he does belief Civil War could happen again in America. He’s right that Canada must be ready. They’ll get all the cowards who will flee from it. I myself am not going anywhere – even though Canada is just an hour and a half away from me.

Koran BURNING leader of Norwegian anti-Islam group attacked

The leader of a group against the “Islamization” of Norway was attacked by several men after setting fire to a copy of the Koran during a demonstration. Footage shows police intervening to stop the skirmish.

Contrary to what the globalists would have us believe, the European Union is not all one big, happy multicultural family. Some Europeans are fighting back against foreign invasion. In Europe it’s the Muslims, in America it’s against the Mestizos. Same war, different invaders.

I love seeing Whites fight back. This was intended to be a peaceful demonstration. As you can see it was the Muslims who started the violence – yet the White man was arrested anyway. I hope the cops did more than just “break things up”. I hope they arrested some of the camel jockies too.

Wiesel’s Night – A Fake, Says Camp Survivor

Elie Wiesel, the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor has now been exposed as a complete FAKE.  He made his living off of the Holocaust and it was all a lie.  If one “expert” is a liar, how many more are there?

The truth is the Holocaust is primarily a hoax.  Some nasty things had to have happened.  After all, it was war time.  Nasty things happen during war to all involved.  How many truly were murdered we will never know, but it was certainly nowhere near six million.

What If You Were the Last Person on Earth

One thing this video didn’t really say much about was gasoline.  How long does gas last if it’s just sitting in can or gas tank?  The basic rule of thumb is (depending onhow it’s stored) gasoline lasts from two to three years.  Diesel about a year longer, jet fuel about five years.  After that, it will go bad and start to get goopy.  This short scene from the sitcom The Last Man On Earth demonstrates exactly how it is when gasoline goes bad.  

You might want to think about learning how to ride a horse.

25 Super SHADY THINGS Companies Are Doing To Rip You Off

It’s sad but there are shady things companies are doing to rip you off! No matter where you live, companies do shady things to get a profit out of you. These are 25 super shady things companies are doing to rip you off. Some of the shady things companies are doing to rip you off will have you in total disbelief. How can they do these shady things? See our full list of 25 super shady things (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment on the video to let us know which of these shady things upset you the most:…

Black Popeye’s Employee Body Slams 55-year-old White Woman

The savage that did this has been arrested and charged with felony assault.

The 55 year old woman suffered a broken hip, and six broken ribs. She has been hospitalized and has undergone surgery. She will need at least another surgery and months of rehabilitation, all because she verbally offended one of our “civilized” African-American citizens.

And the liberals want us to let even more of these animals into our country?!

Very Disturbing

This short video is not for those with weak stomachs. It graphically shows lab animals – including dogs and cats being tortured and killed for the sake of science.  Worst of all, it’s being done in a lab in Germany.  The type of conditions and things you will see are very similar to those in Kosher slaughterhouses.  No surprise there.  What kind of country that calls itself civilized would allow these horrors to continue?  Certainly not a National Socialist society.