CURE for Dysfunctional DEBT BASED Monetary System

The United States government can implement sorveign, debt free money (treasury notes) if Congress approves it, and the president signs it. The Federal Reserve Bank has no say whatsoever. Yes, they can publicly address congress, but they can only tell congress their position, they have no authority to stop it.

If it is that easy, why hasn’t it been done? Do I have to spell it out? P-R-O-F-I-T-S. Congress really serves the banksters, not the people which is why our debt based system persists.

Adolf Hitler implemented a sovereign, debt based currency called the Reichsmark. It was so successful that Hitler brought his country out of the Depression before the United States. Indeed, FDR stole many of his “New Deal” policies from the Third Reich.

The issue of debt free currency must be brought before the people like in Switzerland. True, it failed to pass there, but only because the banksters scared the hell out of the Swiss with false tales of inflation, recession, unemployment, and increased government power. All to preserve their profits and unfortunately the Swiss people fell for it.

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

The reason why some countries are rich and others poor depends on many things, including the quality of their institutions, the culture they have, the natural resources they find and what latitude they’re on.

This video touches on cultural as well as religious factors that can determine a nation’s wealth or poverty.  They do not touch on race, but who can blame them?  They don’t want the trouble.

Ten Trillion and Counting

This excellent video documents the disgusting financial black hole we’ve dug ourselves into.  Curiously enough, they don’t offer the obvious solution to the problem:  Abolish the Federal Reserve System, debt based money, and fractional reserve banking and return this country to the use of debt free money printed by the U.S. Treasury instead of the Federal Reserve Bank – a private for profit corporation.
If the government is authorized to print $1 bonds to create debt for our debt based economy, it is authorized to create $1 treasury notes completely debt free outside the control of the Fed and the international money changers.  The big question is:  Why don’t they?  You know the answer as well as I.
It has been done twice before – in pre-Revolutionary War days with Colonial Script, and during the Civil War with Abe Lincoln’s treasury notes nicknamed “green backs”.  Both worked like a charm and without debt.  The Bank of England put a stop to Colonial Script by threatening to call in all of King George’s loans if he didn’t outlaw it, and one of the first things the Fed did when it was formed in 1913 was remove Lincoln’s green backs from circulation because they were outside of their control.

The Money Masters – The rise of the bankers

People, this is a long one.  If you don’t have time to watch it all now, come back when you do or watch it in smaller parts.  This will give you the entire picture of how international banksters have literally come to own the world and what they have planned next for us.

This documentary was made in the 1990’s.  It predicted with chilling accuracy the real estate crash of 2008.  The makers of this film knew it was coming – they just didn’t know exactly when, but you can bet the banksters did.

If this doesn’t get you mad enough to get off your asses and take action (like becoming an ANP Official Supporter) then you are hopeless and are going to get exactly what you deserve:  Financial slavery.

Who Really Creates Jobs?

Mr. Hanauer talks about a few things that some people would rather not hear about.  For example, if you tax the rich, you lose jobs because the rich will pack up and move their businesses somewhere where they won’t be taxed so much – and they’ll take the jobs with them.  That’s an unfortunate fact of Judeo-Capitalism.  That’s why we need to change our system entirely and not “reform” it.

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood “The Monster”. But to most Americans today, “Federal Reserve” is just a name on the dollar bill. They have no idea of what the central bank does to the economy, or to their own economic lives; of how and why it was founded and operates; or of the sound money and banking that could end the statism, inflation, and business cycles that the Fed generates.

Dedicated to Murray N. Rothbard, steeped in American history and Austrian economics, and featuring Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell, this extraordinary documentary is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority.

Alan Greenspan was not, we’re told, happy about this 1996 blockbuster. Watch it, and you’ll understand why. This is economics and history as they are meant to be: fascinating, informative, and motivating. This movie is changing America.

25 Things Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Although having a car can be helpful, when it comes time for repairs it would be good to know these 25 things your car mechanic won’t tell you.

When I was a young man I fell for the old “I wouldn’t drive that car if I were you.”  Number One scare tactic.  It’s usually pulled on women, and the very young or the very old.

Remember that your local mechanic is out to make money.  Some are crooks, some are honest.  Try to get to know your mechanic by giving him smaller jobs  before you give him a major one.

IRS Seizes $107,000 From Innocent Small Business, Despite Recent Policy Changes

Lyndon McLellan has spent more than a decade running L&M Convenience Mart, a gas station, restaurant, and convenience store in rural Fairmont, North Carolina. Then, one year ago, without any warning, agents from the IRS seized his entire bank account, totaling more than $107,000.

The United States government is getting desperate for money, so they target people who don’t have the money to hire lawyers and tie the cases up in court for years.  The wealthy can end up COSTING the government money if they go after them, so they go after those who can’t fight back – namely US! Thankfully, Mr. McClellen fought back and won.  However he’s an exception.  Most of us who fight end up losing.

Adolf Hitler – The untold TRUE story

This is a pretty decent video with some powerful facts about Hitler and the World War 2 era. Yes, there are some spelling and grammar errors, but don’t let that distract you from the important information. Zionist shills like Alex Jones will pretend that Hitler was in bed with the big bankers, but actually that couldn’t be any further from the truth.