How Do Germans View Americans

Some of what the people interviewed say about Americans is untrue, but sadly most of it is true.  If we want the respect of the world, we have to make some serious changes in ourselves and our so-called culture.  I’m sure the rest of Europe has similar views about us.  I found similar videos about how the Dutch, French, Swedish, etc. think of us.  I’ll post them at a later date.

Most of the world has a certain amount of fear of us because of our military might, but fear and respect are not the same thing.

America’s Disgrace

This is probably the last video I will post this year.  I just wanted to show how most people treat this “Season of Joy And Giving” – by giving each other serious injuries to get their hands on bargains from China.  Check all you got for Christmas.  How much is from China and how much was made in America?

Please excuse all the commercials.  I have no control over that.

WATCH: Shocking Animal Abuse Exposed at “American Humane Certified” Foster Farms Slaughterhouse

What does that “American Humane Certified” label on your chicken really mean? The answer: surprising little. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals sickening cruelty to animals at Foster Farms—an American Humane Certified poultry producer—including birds scalded alive and workers throwing, punching, and tormenting chickens before violently shackling them upside down to have their throats cut open. Take action at

It Couldn’t Happen Here?

It may have begun:  Military suppression of the people.  This video shows military troops and vehicles on the streets of Ontario, Ca.  This city is only about 30 minutes drive from where I live.  I have lived here for 38 years.  I have never seen “routine” training on our streets before.  It couldn’t happen here?This may just be the beginning.

10 Irrefutable Evidences for Racial Differences in IQ Part One Of Two

As former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani recently said, “The truth is what it is.”  In other words, the truth is the truth.  The truth can never be racist.  It can at times be tactless, but not racist.  If Blacks truly are less intelligent than Whites, then that is the way it is and if it is true it cannot be racist because the truth is the truth.  If you don’t like the truth, you’ll have to accept it anyway because the truth is the truth.

Common Core Insanity

Parents: Do you know what “Common Core” is? If not, you should look into the garbage that your schools are indoctrinating your children with. Funded by Bill Gates, this program seeks to dumb down American students to abysmal levels. Do the research and get involved.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory?

This short is an entertaining and humorous video about all the B.S. we were told regarding the infamous attacks of 9/11. I post this video to only emphasize the clear truth: This evil judeo-capitalist regime lies excessively and constantly. It is not enough to just know about the government’s lies though; it is necessary to GET INVOLVED and JOIN the Struggle (! There are lots of “conspiracy” videos about these attacks but if you have the time to sit down and consider it, then I suggest this one:

Are Americans Stupid?

Watch this video and see.  The ignorance of the average person is truly disturbing.  The last segment shows people’s blind faith in the government.  Incredible.  This shows how our education system – which brags that it is the best in the world (yeah right) – is failing our people.