Pro Illegal Says Go Back To Fucking Europe @ Rally OPPOSING Pelosi

END SANCTUARY CITIES – STOLEN LIVES QUILT DISPLAY – at Nancy Pelosi Speaking Event, Feb. 18, 2016 at Claremont, Ca.

The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt, that memorializes American citizens killed by illegals and honors their family members, staged in front of the “Women In Politics” event that featured Rep Nancy Pelosi. Video by Robin Hvidston We The People Rising/The Remembrance Project.

The Remembrance Project

BTW, Claremont is home to a very prestigious set of Ivy League Colleges.

Are Nazis On The Rise In Europe?

As I’ve said numerous times, our European brothers and sisters are light years ahead of us in their efforts.  That’s because they willing to actually take action.  We can do the same here, but it won’t happen by itself.  WE have to make it happen.

I’m not talking about a return to the Third Reich.  Those times are gone and will never return.  We have to make a FOURTH Reich – a Reich for the 21st Century.



This is outrageous. Please share this video far and wide. People need to see the criminality and lawlessness that is going on in California.  California which is Liberal Capitol, USA is actually trying to silence the opposition.  And those same liberals have the gall to call us fascists.  If what they are doing isn’t fascism I don’t know what is.  However, in fairness, the cops are right when they say they are here under orders and are not judging anyone.  It’s the politicians who are at fault, not the cops taking their orders.

Zionist Control of U.S. Media

The main thing to take away from this video is the understanding that the media presents a carefully planned message rather than reporting news. “Objective news reporting” is a myth; it does not exist. National-Socialism encourages YOU to question and examine everything you hear and EDUCATE yourself.

Are Your Taxes Paying For CEO Bonuses?

Corporate greed and corruption would not be tolerated in a National-Socialist State. From the video description: Walmart already costs American taxpayers millions of dollars each year thanks to its extremely low wages and lack of healthcare benefits for its employees. So why are WalMart executives being allowed to take even more money out of the pockets of the American taxpayers?

Idiots who voted for Obama

This video shows just how informed the average American voter is.  All those questioned were Democrats (Obama Supporters).  Oddly enough they knew a little more about the Republicans than their own party – especially real important issues like how much Sarah Palin spends on clothes and her pregnant daughter.  If it’s in the National Enquirer they know about it, if it isn’t, they don’t.

Israeli Manipulation of US Media


Even a glancing look at US major media ownership will quickly reveal the obvious jewish control. This video shows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to jewish/Israeli control of American media. As former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, “We the Jews control America, and the American’s know it.”

USA Forced the War on Germany

You can see from this video on one of Adolf Hitler’s speeches that it was the United States who pushed for war against Germany who wanted peace. Hitler campaigned for peace throughout his time as Führer, though the war-mongering USA and England would have none of it. You can read the speech here if you don’t watch the video:

Capitalism A Love Story

No, we are NOT fans of Marxist Michael Moore, but this video does a decent job of exposing the criminality of this corrupt capitalist system. We are NOT pro-Carter or pro-Reagan. We are for Free-enterprise economics where citizens are welcomed and encouraged to own private businesses, but 100% AGAINST judeo-capitalism – there’s a significant difference. Read more HERE.