Workers Deserve a Living Wage

National-Socialism IS THE Party for the exploited Working Class. We believe that people should be paid a fair wage that they can live on as opposed to the current slave-wages most American workers receive so their CEOs can complete their yacht collections. As Plato said, “You must not let any man be too poor, and you must not let any one man be too rich; that the same mill that grinds out the extra rich is the same mill that will grind out the extra poor, because, in order that the extra rich can become so affluent, they must necessarily take more of what ordinarily would belong to the average man.”

USA Forced the War on Germany

You can see from this video on one of Adolf Hitler’s speeches that it was the United States who pushed for war against Germany who wanted peace. Hitler campaigned for peace throughout his time as Führer, though the war-mongering USA and England would have none of it. You can read the speech here if you don’t watch the video:

Are Americans Stupid?

Watch this video and see.  The ignorance of the average person is truly disturbing.  The last segment shows people’s blind faith in the government.  Incredible.  This shows how our education system – which brags that it is the best in the world (yeah right) – is failing our people.

Capitalism A Love Story

No, we are NOT fans of Marxist Michael Moore, but this video does a decent job of exposing the criminality of this corrupt capitalist system. We are NOT pro-Carter or pro-Reagan. We are for Free-enterprise economics where citizens are welcomed and encouraged to own private businesses, but 100% AGAINST judeo-capitalism – there’s a significant difference. Read more HERE.