Adolf Hitler – The untold TRUE story

This is a pretty decent video with some powerful facts about Hitler and the World War 2 era. Yes, there are some spelling and grammar errors, but don’t let that distract you from the important information. Zionist shills like Alex Jones will pretend that Hitler was in bed with the big bankers, but actually that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Is There a Superior Race? “Whites Are Superior… It’s What the Facts Support”

Warning: Dr. Michael Levin (Jewish Philosopher) is saying that Whites are superior BASED ON 4 common standards that a lay person would typically use to judge something by (e.g. Efficiency).
He is not saying that Whites are superior in some cosmic, objective sense.  In other words he’s not saying Whites are superior in some Divine way, just more intelligent and efficient than non-Whites.  It’s unusual to find a Jew who is willing to speak the truth about such things, but there are a very few who do care about the truth.