Bill Clinton talking like Trump on immigration

Once again I want to reiterate that neither I nor the ANP are endorsing Donald Trump.  I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberals.  Twenty years ago they were all for stronger borders and deporting illegals.  

However, now that the Republicans have taken up this cause, they are fighting against them.  Once again the liberals are creating a fight where none existed before.  The Democraps are trying to present themselves as the party of tolerance and humanitarianism, and anyone who is against them is against tolerance and humanitarianism.  And of course anyone who is against those things must be evil people.

The problem is that it seems to be working.  The best solution to this deceitful tactic is to try and make sure the truth gets out.  This video is just one truth.

Migrants trampled on the food and demanded money – English subtitle

Immigrants were offered free food and trampled on it demanding free money instead.  Why?  Maybe they wanted to buy the kind of food they wanted.  I’m also sure it’s because they want to use some of the money to buy drugs, liquor, and tobacco.

A business associate of mine who happens to be Muslim told me the Koran specifically forbids the use of drugs, liquor, and even tobacco.  Evidently these oh-so-religious immigrants who criticize our women as being indecent because the won’t wear a hajib (hair covering) don’t seem to think smoking or getting drunk/high is indecent.

BTW, my business associate also told me the Koran does not specifically require women to cover their hair.  That’s a custom, not originally part of Sharia law.  But drugs, liquor, and tobacco ARE against Sharia law.


And these Mestizos believe that this sort of violent behavior is helping their cause?  How moronic can they be?!  The Con-servatives are turning this right around on them – which is a good thing.

Are these the type of people we want to immigrate to this country?  People who use profanity publicly uttered (or written as the case may be).  People who can’t seem to express themselves civilly but have to resort to violence, obscenity, and childish name calling?

When push comes to shove, it seems to me that it’s the pro-illegal people who are behaving like the stereotypical Hollyweird Nutzis, not the Trump supporters.

The pro-illegal people were made up of a lot (not all) of oddballs.  The Trump supporters on the other hand were all normal looking people.  If you were a politician, which side would you listen to, the oddballs or the normal people?  This one’s a no-brainer.