Mr Death.Fred A. Leuchter

This documentary is about Fred Leuchter, the man who PROVED there are no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz – and what the Jews and their liberal allies did to him for it.

Amazingly, even though Leuchter’s research cleared Ernst Zundel of Holocaust Denial in Canada, officially, the Holocaust is still taught as reality.  It’s incredible that this lie is still being told as truth despite the proof that it never happened – at least not as Holocaust traditionalists claim it did.

All I know is that SOMETHING happened in Poland during WW II.  Exactly what, I don’t know.  It’s been so long and there has been so many lies and fake evidence presented and debunked, I doubt we’ll ever know the real truth.  However, our justice system is based on the premise of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  There is plenty of reasonable doubt as to mass killings, therefore the Nazis are innocent in my book.  The case against them has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  At the very least, if Leuchter hasn’t cleared them, he at least has established reasonable doubt.

Forgive the Spanish subtitles.  I couldn’t find a full version of this documentary without them.

Anarchy USA

This is an older film.  It was made in 1966 when the main enemy to fear was the Communists.  Not that the Communists are of no consequence any more, but they are not the force they once were.  However there are other threats to our Folk nowadays.  What is interesting are the tactics that the Communists used against us.  These tactics, regardless of who the enemy is, are still being used today.  Pay close attention and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Oh, keep your eyes peeled for a few quick glimpses of Commander Rockwell and his Stormtroopers.  They’re in this too.