Inside a scam call center

These guys are a particularly nasty group from Kolkata, India. They run a refund scam and this video shows what their call center looks like, how they operate, who and where they are. I’ve sent a link to the unblurred version of this video to the Kolkata Cyber Police (for all the good that it will do).

I don’t have a webcam, but this will show you that you should disconnect your webcam when not using it. If it is not connected, they can’t turn it on and photograph you or your family. Protect yourself and don’t be lazy – take the trouble to unplug it when not in use.

Hey, I smoke and didn’t appreciate that crack about smell!

To see the unblurred version yourself, here is a link to the version:!/v/jimbrowning/zsgjr21a There is more information about them on… I refer to a video where Christy has her files deleted by these scammers. You can find it here:… Catch me on Twitter: @JimBrowing11