CURE for Dysfunctional DEBT BASED Monetary System

The United States government can implement sorveign, debt free money (treasury notes) if Congress approves it, and the president signs it. The Federal Reserve Bank has no say whatsoever. Yes, they can publicly address congress, but they can only tell congress their position, they have no authority to stop it.

If it is that easy, why hasn’t it been done? Do I have to spell it out? P-R-O-F-I-T-S. Congress really serves the banksters, not the people which is why our debt based system persists.

Adolf Hitler implemented a sovereign, debt based currency called the Reichsmark. It was so successful that Hitler brought his country out of the Depression before the United States. Indeed, FDR stole many of his “New Deal” policies from the Third Reich.

The issue of debt free currency must be brought before the people like in Switzerland. True, it failed to pass there, but only because the banksters scared the hell out of the Swiss with false tales of inflation, recession, unemployment, and increased government power. All to preserve their profits and unfortunately the Swiss people fell for it.