The New Common Core Standards?

How little America’s High School students know may shock you. And these kids are supposed to be going to college in a few years? ¬†Most of them aren’t even ready for hamburger college – which is where half of them will probably end up anyway.

What’s really disheartening is that most of these kids seem to think it’s no big deal that they can’t answer these simple questions.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

In this video Luke Rudkowski speaks with Department of Education whistleblower Charlette Iserbyt about the deliberate dumbing down of America. The former US Department of Education Senior Policy Advisor suggests that the our educational system is not based upon children learning. Is the Carnegie foundation instrumental in developing a collectivist style educational system that is detrimental to our youth? Are the elites impacting the development of the general population through our school systems? Watch this video and find out.