The New Common Core Standards?

How little America’s High School students know may shock you. And these kids are supposed to be going to college in a few years?  Most of them aren’t even ready for hamburger college – which is where half of them will probably end up anyway.

What’s really disheartening is that most of these kids seem to think it’s no big deal that they can’t answer these simple questions.

Race Differences in Intelligence

Are there any differences in intelligence between races?  This subject is generally considered taboo and most scientists don’t even want to discuss it out of fear of being branded as haters.

This video by New Century Foundation addresses this issue and produces some excellent evidence to prove that Aryans do have superior intelligence.

My thanks to Comrade Dr. Johann Hauptmann for sending this video to me.

Are Americans Stupid?

Watch this video and see.  The ignorance of the average person is truly disturbing.  The last segment shows people’s blind faith in the government.  Incredible.  This shows how our education system – which brags that it is the best in the world (yeah right) – is failing our people.