The First Americans, Part Eight

I hope you enjoyed this series of short documentaries on who the first Americans really were.  

History books aren’t easily rewritten.  It is now accepted that the Vikings were in North America long before Columbus, but when the theory was first proposed, most people scoffed at the idea.  It is the same with the Solutreans.  People will catch up and accept the fact that our ancestors were the first Americans.

 As  far as the American Indians are concerned, this is what Al Gore would call “An Inconvenient Truth.”  However, it is still the truth.

Ice Age Columbus

You think the Indians were the first ones in North America?  Maybe they weren’t.  This documentary explores the theory that Solutrean hunters from Europe beat the Indians here by 2000 – 5000 years.  If this is true, Aryans are the true Native Americans.

This film also dramatizes how Europeans made the trip in a fictional, but plausible recreation.