Understand Socialism, Communism, Fascism, & Nazism in 15 Minutes (Part I)

The reason why some countries are rich and others poor depends on many things, including the quality of their institutions, the culture they have, the natural resources they find and what latitude they’re on.

Part One is about Socialism and Communism.  Next week we’ll deal with Fascism and National Socialism.

This video is purely academic.  It neither condemns nor promotes any of these systems.

Neo-nazis on the rise in Sweden

In last Sunday’s elections, the Sweden Democrats, which have ties to National Socialism became the second largest party in Sweden.  We are slowly winning in Europe.  But we are still failing in the United States.  The main cause is apathy.  Hopefully our European brothers and sisters will serve as an inspiration and show American National Socialists that we can win.  VE Day II is coming (Victory in Europe).  Now we have to concentrate on Victory in America (VA Day).

Commander Rockwell’s Greatest Speech

In this speech, the commander explains the fundamental differences between National Socialism and Marxism.  If anyone is unclear on this subject, this speech is a must-hear.  It is a bit long – about an hour an fifty minutes, but if you can’t sit through it, how interested are you in becoming educated?

Anyone who THINKS they already know the difference may find that they didn’t know so much after all if they listen to this.

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BTW, if anyone claims we are not the true ANP, you should know that Chairman Suhayda got permission from Rockwell’s successor Matt Koehl to revive the ANP, therefore we ARE the true ANP.