Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

The reason why some countries are rich and others poor depends on many things, including the quality of their institutions, the culture they have, the natural resources they find and what latitude they’re on.

This video touches on cultural as well as religious factors that can determine a nation’s wealth or poverty.  They do not touch on race, but who can blame them?  They don’t want the trouble.

‘US Hides Real Debt, In Worse Shape Than Greece’

The U.S. Debt increases billions DAILY, therefore the amount of our “interest only” payment also increases daily.  Eventually we’ll max out our credit.  Then what will happen?  We’ll have no more credit, yet we’ll still be paying debts that will never be paid off.  That’s just plain insane.  If the United States were a business, it would be considered non-viable and a bankruptcy risk, yet we borrow more every day.

They say the United Stated is the wealthiest country on Earth.  If you’re talking about the one percent, then it’s true.  If you’re talking about the government, then it’s false.  Wealth is measured by assets versus debts.  If you subtract our debts from assets, you’ll see that we’re far from the wealthiest nation on Earth.  We only SEEM to be the wealthiest because almost everything the government spends is on credit which must be paid back eventually. At least the interest must be paid back.

80% of Americans Face Near-Poverty

Yes, millions of Americas face near-poverty and struggle day by day to make ends meet. Maybe of those people are white, and many of them have full time jobs. National-Socialism would never let this happen, would never allow the exploitation of workers for the profits of the ultra-rich. Do YOU want a better America? Do YOU want to be paid a decent wage for your hard work?! Join the American Nazi Party TODAY – ANP14.com