More Caucasians Dying Than Being Born

Of course we’re delaying having children due to economic reasons.  Whites are more hesitant to go on welfare and other benefit programs than non-Whites.  Also, non-Whites are less likely to use birth control.  As most Latinos are Catholic, they are very reluctant to use birth control because the church forbids it.  Perhaps the church would change it’s tune if they had to pay the bills for all these unwanted babies.

However you look at it, the statistics are alarming.  If the trend continues, we will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.  The non-Whites will take over the Earth and inherit all we’ve created. All that will become of us will be a chapter in their history books entitled “Those White Devils”.

The Endgame – White Extinction

If you think that the declining White population problem is only in the United States, guess again.  All over Europe Whites are quickly becoming a minority.  Europe is our birthright – and that is being taken away from us – all in the name of multiculturalism and diversity.  It’s great for non-Whites, but as a result of all this “progress”, the Aryan Race is literally dwindling.  Listen carefully to what actor John Cleese has to say at the beginning of this video.